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Just a few more choice comments from the Darren Wilson GoFundMe.

But it’s not about race, right?
They’re not being racist, right?

Every piece of evidence has shown that Mike Brown did nothing wrong, did not steal, did not confront anyone, and did not attack.

He’s got entry bullet wounds in the PALMS of his hands, indicating that he had his hands up while he was shot, and he has entry wounds in the crown of the head, proving that at over 6’ tall, he’d have to be kneeling or bending at a 90 degree angle.

The cops can’t even keep their story straight, and the only testimonies that stood the test of time and accuracy were from the eye witnesses, minus Wilson.

WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? White people must feel like they can do no wrong. Like people just can’t be evil for evils sake. You want a scapegoat every fucking time; a patsy. So you paint the dead as horribly as possible to gain credibility since the dead can’t talk.

Darren Wilson is racist, evil, and nothing short of a murderer.

Go fuck yourselves.

Anonymous asked : Sorry I'm a random stranger but this summer I'm going to the OF store and I have questions about wondering if you can answer them from OF fan to OF fan.

You’re anonymous but sure lol

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Green ranger’s been watching Lucha Libre, I see.

Yo, that’s hella dope.

so clean, rey mysterio 1995/6 clean

booyaka booyaka

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